Compa Car Sales has started selling second hand vehicles in Suriname and that has become a success.

The idea for Car Vision was created by the demand for imported A1 condition vehicles from both existing and potential customers. For this the demand grew. We as a Group try to respond as much as possible to the wishes of the customer. We also carry out the necessary market research.

This information has had a positive influence on the director, whereby he came to the decision to fulfill the wishes of the customer by making the idea a reality. To distinguish between the two units (Compa Car Sales – Buying and selling 2nd hand cars in Suriname) a different name has been given, namely Car Vision (Sale of 2nd hand and new cars from Japan).

We are therefore a one stop shop for all car owners.

The name “Car Vision” with the slogan “The Future of Car’s” speaks for itself.

See ahead in the car world.


Morgen bestaat nog niet, maar onze dromen wel. Dus we gaan vandaag werken, zoals altijd. Omdat “morgen” zal zijn wat we ervan maken. En als we de toekomst in ons hoofd kunnen creëren, zal het ons halverwege ontmoeten.


We zijn een gepassioneerde car center, daarom werken wij hard naar klant tevredenheid.

Carvision Commercial

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